How to Start an Online Casino

job9If you are looking to start an online casino, there are numerous ways of doing so. We will look at the three main possibilities:

1. Buy a working site
2. Buy a “skin”
3. Do everything from scratch

Buying a Working Online Casino

Now, this is, of course the easiest way of doing any business whatsoever. Just buy something that already works and bring in certain revenue. Then, improve the service and watch your investment return many times over. There are always some online casinos for sale out there, but you need to be quite rich in order to afford one. Yes, there are a few small sites for sale that could go for something like 40- 50 000 euro, but would you really want to invest all that money in a site with practically no clients? Do not forget that the costs of running an online casino are substantial: staff, licenses, security, third party operators for payments, f/x etc. All of it costs money, and if you do not manage to draw enough attention to your newly purchased online casino, chances are that you will fail miserably and lose a lot of money in the process. The cost for promotions can be huge if you do it the wrong way. Like offering players to play free slots and win real money is a popular promotion. But really expensive. You need of course take into account advertising cost etc.

Buying a So-Called “Skin” Casino

job10Many established online casino operators offer so-called “skins” for potential casino owners. This is probably the best idea if you already have knowledge about the industry, as well as a few affiliates/partners you wish to work with. Skins basically work as drop-shipping, if you are familiar with the term. You decide how the site will look, and have a certain budget to bring to it every month. But the system, customer service, staffing and the games in general are all provided by the casino operator. So, to keep it simple, you get a copy of an existing site, but with your domain and design.

In turn, they get a big cut of your income. However, if you manage to attract a couple of thousand players, your income will be substantial. And the best part is that you can do it completely on your own – most of the work is done by the operator, so you can focus on promoting your “skin”.

Doing Everything from Scratch

job11If you have a lot of spare time on your hands, and would like to develop certain skills in the process, then doing everything from scratch could be both fun and challenging. Chances of making big bucks out of the project are minimal, but along the way you will discover how the industry works and how most sites are built. With this kind of experience you could, with time, go over to one of the easier solutions mentioned above. Know programming already? Then you could even build your own games, and sell them to operators. Or get a job in the industry, if you are interested in an in-house position, instead of being your own boss, that is.

Starting an online casino from scratch could take years. This is the main downside. There are so many laws and regulations in place that most people don’t bother to engage in the project. It might have been a great idea ten years ago, but now it is practically impossible to start an online casino from scratch.