How to Become a DJ

job16If you are interested in music and have a good sense of rhythm, then you have might have dreamt about becoming a DJ. Why not live out your dream? It is not as difficult as it might seem to become a DJ. All it takes is ambition, lots of creativity, and time. Yes, time is essential for success, no matter the industry. When you take time to learn the trade, learn the pros and cons, understand the principle of supply and demand, and spend enough hours learning, you can succeed in just about anything. But let us get back to becoming a DJ.

Learn the Basics

Music is an endless subject. You can study music for years without covering half of it. In order to become a DJ, there is no need for a Master’s degree but knowing the basics is crucial. You have to understand ‘beats per minute’ rates, you should learn some notes, and, more importantly, recognise different genres in a matter of seconds. All this is necessary if you want to mix music. That is basically what the DJ is for—he or she is mixing music. And we are not talking about simple crossfading from song to song. Any mp3-player can do that. No, a DJ is supposed to mix sounds, rhythms, songs, and special effects into one cohesive whole. The DJ makes one song out of several, or just switches between songs and following the desire of the crowd. This brings us to the next point.

Learn the Trade

job15Any DJ knows that the crowd is the customer. They are live feedback. They control the rhythm and the DJ only follows their desires. If you want to become a DJ, you have to understand how the crowd functions, how they work, what they want, and when they want it. When you are playing at a pop music event, there is no way to put metal rock without the crowd reacting negatively (and losing your job). Every DJ knows the crowd is the boss. Learn how to please the crowd, satisfy their thirst, and please their senses. Any good DJ should spend just as much time watching the crowd as he or she spends on the mixing console, if not more. This, friends, brings us to the next, and final, point.

Learn the Tools

job17Back in the day, DJs had to use manual tools in order to mix music together. It was a very difficult task for anyone not technically adept. You could know everything about music, rhythms, and tones, and even fully understand crowd mentality, but if you could not use the tools there was no place for you in the business.

Nowadays, everything has changed. Some argue that the technical evolution had destroyed the DJ trade, but that is not true. Modern technology has opened up the trade for more people to practice what they love. Get to know the tools—the mix consoles, that is. They are your key to successfully becoming a DJ. Learn how they work, what the difference is between them, and how you can use every single button on the mixing console to create beautiful tones.